Media: Chatter

"A paint roller, a blithe spirit and a balmy night are all you really need." - Muslims Against Advertising manages to make an evening out destroying "offensive" poster sites sound more like a jolly jaunt with Peter Rabbit than wanton destruction

"I didn't want to go out and launch ground-breaking initiatives when there weren't any. I wanted the magazines to speak for this company and that is what they are doing." - IPC Media's chief executive, Sylvia Auton, in the week that women's weekly Pick Me Up carried the cover line: "My tumour shot out of my mouth"

"In this instance, the car is the hero that protects innocent people from someone with very bad intentions. We're sorry if the ad has caused any offence." - Dan from spoof advertising "jokers" explains the wisdom of creating an unauthorised viral featuring a suicide bomber blowing himself up in a Volkswagen Polo.