Media: Chatter

"Hang on, there's 60 million people in the country. What are the other 52 million doing?" - Radio 2's evergreen Terry Wogan gets carried away after posting record listening figures of eight million

"I should be happy that other agencies produce mediocre work but I'm not, because it brings down the standard of our industry, which I love." - TBWA\London's chairman and executive creative director, Trevor Beattie, has seemingly forgotten his own agency's work for Abbey

"I hope you've seen me before. I have been in your home before. Why don't you take a seat in front of the TV and wait for me?" - This copy from a five mailing, promoting the new series of CSI:NY, scares some viewers witless. The Advertising Standards Authority has blocked further distribution of the mailing, which contains spoof contents from a crime scene.