Media: Chatter

"More and more TV will become live. The bulk of our daytime TV is live and people love it." - Charles Allen argues that a renaissance in live daytime TV, viewed by the elderly, the infirm, students and the long-term unemployed, will diminish the impact of personal video recorders, irrespective of the fact that they are unlikely to own one anyway

"Simon (Kelner) promised me the front page the other day and what did I get? Page five ... What fucking happened?" - The former Boomtown Rats frontman and living saint, Bob Geldof, launches into an invective against all of the national newspapers, bar The Sun and the News of the World, for their coverage of the anniversary of Band Aid

"Surely when we are expecting to be sold something, a barrier is activated in our mind that will steel us against the messages that we know are coming. That's the trouble with ads, always a little too head-on." - Is Karmarama's Naresh Ramchandani having a career wobble?