Media: Chatter

"There was a time when there wasn't a weekday evening on ITV without a sitcom. What has happened? Why has sitcom died?" - David Liddiment, ITV's former director of TV, laments the loss of such triumphs as George and Mildred and Robin's Nest.

"I don't think in six months' time anyone will remember anything. They may remember 'Are you thinking what we're thinking?' but as a parody. It might mark the demise of a general use of political ads." - Lord Bell, famously Mrs Thatcher's favourite ad man, criticises the Tories' general election campaign for failing to produce a single memorable ad in what proved to be a lacklustre campaign all round.

"It didn't work. It was an experimental launch." - David Goodchild, the UK managing director of H Bauer, explains the decision to close its weekly lads' mag Cut.

"I get letters. There are lots and lots of people that I irritate. To all those people I'm dreadfully sorry." - The footballer-turned-crisp salesman Gary Lineker concedes that his whiny East Midlands monotone grates.