Media: Chatter

"Eating a donkey's balls or taking it up the rear end from a badger are deal-breakers." - Kelvin MacKenzie, the former chief executive of The Wireless Group, on an approach from ITV to appear on I'm a Celebrity ... Get Me Out of Here!

"I think that one of the most favourite pleasures of Sir Martin Sorrell is to stir the pot, and if there are some froggies in it, it would make him even more happy." - Publicis' chairman, Maurice Levy, continues to do his bit for the entente cordial

"It is not KFC's aim to offend or upset the viewing public with our new advertisement and we apologise if we have done so." - A KFC spokeswoman, after its commercial showing call-centre staff talking while they eat became the most complained-about UK TV ad in history, with 1,040 complaints.