Media: Chatter

"Yellow, black and red are colours on the German flag. The adverts were certainly done in good faith." - Alberto de Martini, the creator of a Fiat campaign in Italy, denies accusations that the work uses Second World War imagery to persuade Italians to buy Italian cars

"No way! I won't say I'm sorry. You either love my song or you hate it. It's meant to be annoying, it's meant to make people react." - Daniel Malmedahl, the creator of the Jamster Crazy Frog tune, is unrepentant

"It dilutes what we are doing. People will blank over stencils with paper or paint and rip down posters." - Graffiti artist D*Face on a Saatchi & Saatchi campaign for the Brazilian spirit Sagatiba that involves defacing walls in London with imagery showing a Christ-like figure.