Media: Chatter

"We will not chase the 16-34 demographic because when we overtly chase those viewers, we alienate our heartland viewers." - The ITV chief executive, Charles Allen, emphasises that ITV1 will continue to target the pipe-and-slippers brigade after flops such as Celebrity Wrestling

"It's a nice cosy world but you're about to be exposed to some of the forces other companies have been exposed to for some years. Accept it ... or die on your arse." - John Pluthero, the former Freeserve boss and chief executive of Energis, warns TV companies that their world is about to be turned upside down

"By telling Barclays staff how they are said to be prettier, better dancers, smell nicer and have better legs, by the time they reach their desks they will be feeling pretty confident." - A Barclays spokeswoman on six 20-foot-high posters at Canary Wharf stations, which use lines such as: "Barclays people have better legs".