Media: Chatter

"It's a bit of an echo chamber, a poor man's Conde Nast and people who work there know it - it's one of those things people understand." - Conde Nast's managing director, Nicholas Coleridge, puts The National Magazine Company in its place

"I come from an era where creativity and politics went hand in hand, so to get caught up in something where I'm being seen as a money-making gangster was quite a shock." - Tim Horrox, the founder of Diabolical Liberties and the ambient agency Jack, on being Asboed for his company's flyposting activities

"You know what this creature drinks, this disgusting muck and you are really pleased that you can get a Guinness; you are left feeling relieved that you are not a primordial creature in the mud." - Danny Kleinman, the director of the latest Guinness spot, sums up the modern human condition.