Media: Chatter

"The Sky situation is about an undertaking. If Rupert is going to rip up undertakings whenever he feels like it, it is not worth anything." - Paul Munn of the fund manager Hermes, after writing to Sky saying it will vote against the satellite company's request for an exemption from takeover rules

"The idea that The Guardian - great paper, love the relaunch but you don't sell anything like the Mirror - should lecture us seems hilarious to me." - The former Daily Mirror editor Piers Morgan has a swipe at the attitude of "quality" newspapers towards the red-tops

"I'm the nasty, horrible face of ITV that will go and beat all of our customers up and hold a gun to their heads and make them spend money." - Gary Digby, the managing director of ITV Sales, sends up his rottweiler image before pledging that ITV has changed.