Media: Chatter

"Martin was spinning around like a top and I'm sorry for the little chap, so I said I'd take it (the pressure) off him." - Neil French, WPP "creative legend", explaining his decision to resign to Sir Martin Sorrell after describing female creative directors as "crap"

"Without readers, you do not have a business, no matter how many cuts you make. The company's recent announcement that it will not fund Christmas parties for staff has angered staff and hit morale." - A letter from Trinity Mirror staff in Newcastle to its chief executive, Sly Bailey, suggests that the season of goodwill is a long way away

"Why are you so scared of John Malone? He is valued at $1.9 billion. He's a tiddler compared to you. Why are you so paranoid?" - A News Corporation shareholder confronts Rupert Murdoch at the company's AGM.