Media: Chatter

"I haven't watched an ad for more than a year now. Everyone is going to be doing the same soon. So advertising has had it, on TV." - Sir Alan Sugar continues his one-man campaign against advertising, while promoting the Amstrad-produced Sky+ boxes

"I think reality TV and cruelty TV are over now. The consumer is ready for glitz and glamour and, dare I say it, the odd talented presenter." - Noel Edmonds, the former BBC presenter, talks up his return to TV as host of Channel 4's daytime quiz show Deal Or No Deal

"He (Rupert Murdoch) never reacts in the heat of the moment ... He'll be seen to be giving her (Wade) public backing but it's a major black mark and at some stage the axe will come down." - Andrew Neil, the former Sunday Times editor, doesn't hold out much hope for The Sun's editor, Rebekah Wade, keeping her job after being arrested last week.