Media: Chatter

"If you look purely at a rational business decision, you might not have made the move to Berliner quite so soon as we did." - Sir Bob Phillis, the chief executive of Guardian Newspaper Group, feels that The Guardian's format switch might have come too soon

"It should be no surprise to watch the Telegraph become the embarrassing dancing father, attempting to imitate the mid-market leader - as so cruelly captured as Private Eye's Maily Telegraph." - Hugo Drayton, the former managing director of Telegraph Group, puts the boot into his former employer

"'Do people love Sky?' is the question. Just because you sent a bill to someone for something, doesn't mean you automatically think: 'I love them and want to get my telephone service from them, too.'" - The Carphone Warehouse's founder, Charles Dunstone, is sceptical about Sky moving into broadband and telephony