Media: Chatter

"Basically, I am here until someone taps me on the shoulder to say 'hello and goodnight'." - Sir Martin Sorrell reiterates his intention to run WPP until he dies

"McDonald's look like they are committing suicide in public. They seem apologetic. That they work so hard to say 'we sell salads', to me that says 'don't eat the dead cow'." - Peter Souter, the deputy chairman of Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO, is outspoken in his belief that the agency's Walkers work shouldn't appear "apologetic"

"The BBC absolutely refutes the idea that it imitates formats and that commercial radio alone has been at the forefront of innovation." - The BBC responds to a report by David Elstein, the chairman of the Commercial Radio Companies Association, that suggests it "moves in and takes over" when commercial radio has an idea.