Media: Chatter

"There is a definite trend back to the studio, to variety, to gameshows and basic play. There is a definite trend now for jolly shows." - Rob Clark, the head of RTL's production arm Fremantle Media, at this year's Mip TV programming conference on a move away from reality formats

"We're allowed to use that name immediately. We bought it and we are paying for it." - Ntl's chief executive, Stephen Burch, confirms ntl will rebrand as Virgin, despite comments last week by Richard Branson that he would only let ntl take on the Virgin moniker when he was satisfied with customer care

"Our focus is how do we marry what we think we do really well with what television people have shown they do great." - AOL's chief executive, Jonathan Miller, reveals that the media giant's plans for online content will involve close collaboration with the TV industry.