Media: Chatter

"We are delighted and relieved to report that common sense has prevailed and we will be able to advertise the service as free." - Charles Dunstone, the Carphone Warehouse chief executive, writes on his blog after news of an ASA ruling on Talk Talk's "free" broadband ads

"Golf is not a sport. Sport is a lot more physical. There's room for another word. If you can walk around with a paunch and a cigar in your mouth and still compete, that for me is not sport." - Chris Boardman, the former Olympic cyclist, has a message for golfers everywhere - including, by definition, half of the media industry

"A newspaper must cultivate and promote its responsibility as a custodian of community values because this is the role in which it is least threatened by newer, colder media." - Paul Ashford, Express Newspapers' group editorial director, on the appeal of the Daily Express "real values" campaign, created by Trevor Beattie.