Media: Chatter

"The blizzard of criticism has obscured the achievements of ITV under Allen's tenure. He has reconstructed it for the future." - Melvyn Bragg, ITV's controller of arts and features, defends the outgoing chief executive, Charles Allen

"It needs fresh management - probably from outside the TV industry - and more executive directors on the board, rather than simply two accountants." - Luke Johnson, the Channel 4 chairman, gives ITV some advice, possibly mindful that his channel's chief executive, Andy Duncan, has been linked with the ITV chief executive job

- "We'd go to the agency and do some work and present it to the creative director, who would come up with his favourites and present it to the client, who happened to be us. It was a crazy process." - Richard Reed, the founder of Innocent, on the making of the company's recent ad campaign through Lowe London.