Media: Chatter

"Imagine seeing your slightly overweight favourite celebrity, in Lycra, on a high wire, wobbling in beautiful high definition. What more could you ask for?" - Richard Woolfe, the controller of Sky One, on Cirque de Celebrite

"I got the pay up to a nice fee for David, then the storyline came through and I saw the words 'The Hoff' and said 'We didn't say yes to The Hoff!' and so we renegotiated." - David "The Hoff" Hasselhoff's manager on screwing more money out of Pipex for his appearance in its ad campaign

"Why would you exit the business that's got the most value? Someone buys ITV Production, which makes Coronation Street, Heartbeat, Emmerdale, then what? It's on five or on Sky." - Charles Allen, the outgoing ITV chief executive, is scathing towards those who have criticised him for not selling ITV Production.