Media: Chatter

"You don't have to go to the newsagents any more. You can percolate all the information you need from the internet." - James Brown, after the Audit Bureau of Circulations results reveal that the men's lifestyle market is in decline

"ITV is so unfashionable. It doesn't have to be like Channel 4, but it should be modern. It looks like a bargain basement." - Andy Harries, the ITV controller of drama, comedy and films, attacks the Charles Allen era for the crisis ITV currently finds itself in

"This marks the beginning of a new chapter between Noel and the channel and we hope he will present more innovative live TV specials." - The BBC1 controller, Peter Fincham, welcomes Noel Edmonds back to the fold as the host of National Lottery Day - nearly 12 years after he presented the first ever Lottery show on the channel. Presumably, the "new chapter" will not include Mr Blobby.