Media: Chatter

"Channel 4 is behaving like a 25-year-old still living at home. Dipping into mum's purse, even when it's got a fat pay cheque in its back pocket." - ITV's outgoing chief executive, Charles Allen, calls for a stronger remit for Channel 4 at the Edinburgh TV Festival

"We're like pigeons under the table, scrapping for little bits of bread, while on top of the table you've got Google and YouTube having a sumptuous meal." - Ashley Highfield, the BBC's director of new media, defends his £100 million annual budget

"I am delighted to see the state ITV are in. It is simply because they have utter contempt for their audience. They think 'what will the ignorant plebs that watch our channel want to see?'" - Jimmy McGovern, the creator of Cracker, on ITV's plight.