Media: Chatter

"Metro is blue and the red-tops are red. There are few colours left. Purple is not male and it's not female. It's neutral." - Clive Milner, News International's group managing director, explains why the thelondonpaper's masthead is purple

"I spent $750,000 attempting to persuade a young whore to stop being a whore. It was feeble, pitiful. Every penny went to her pimp, who egged her on every step of the way. I was witless and pathetic." - Felix Dennis explains the biggest waste he has made of his hard-earned fortune

"No-one in the world would confuse Pimp My Snack with Pimp My Ride. The argument that it was a deliberate attempt to link the two was ridiculous. I've never even watched the programme." - Paul Wilcox, the founder of the Pimp My Snack website, after receiving a threat of legal action from Viacom.