Media: Chatter

"The feeling is that they are pushing through an experiment, a gamble without any consultation." - John Carey, the deputy property editor at The Daily Telegraph and father of its NUS chapel, airs staff grievances about the Telegraph's new offices, which will unite its offline and online functions

"Stop sending the bloody money. Then you would probably do something for Africa. But, no, we keep on pumping the money in, so the tyrants can still pay the salaries of the goons in police uniforms." - Felix Dennis offers a critique of The Independent's recent Red issue, designed by Giorgio Armani

"I've decided that after a year-and-a-half, that'll do nicely. I'm going to withdraw and save the wear and tear. We do five shows a day, which everybody finds tiring." - Des Lynam attributes the commute from his home in West Sussex to Leeds as his reason for quitting as the host of Channel 4's quizshow Countdown.