Media: Chatter

"I was getting lost in the sheer volume of the products that we were releasing." - The Google founder Sergey Brin admits that even he is confused by the number of products launched by the company, as he leads an initiative across the company called "Features, not products"

"It was impossible to see The Business as a newspaper ever making money. I hated that. But if we get this right, and it goes well, and it hits the market, it will be in profit by 2008." - Andrew Neil, the chief executive of Press Holdings, comments on the relaunch of the former Sunday paper The Business as a weekly magazine

"I like telly that's the opposite of Loaded's madness. I'm a Countryfile nut - Craven's still got it - and I'm mad for the Discovery Channel. Saxondale's always a home run on the old Sky+ if I've had a few." - Loaded's editor, Martin Daubney, divulges his TV viewing habits.