Media: Chatter

"It's going to be one giant living dynamic learning experience about consumers." - Jim Stengel, Procter & Gamble's global marketing officer, has no shortage of adjectives to describe its move into the "hot" web phenomenon of social networking.

"This is a generation of confident, bright and ambitious young women across the UK not served by magazines out there. They want it all and they want it right now. Look will be the perfect high-street filter." - Ali Hall, the launch editor of IPC's women's weekly Look, claims it will be unique in a crowded marketplace

"We don't treat business people with a slavish idolatry that some do. We don't put pictures of them on the cover playing golf. On the other hand, we do not look down on business and see it as somehow reprehensible." - The Economist editor, John Micklethwait, describes its business coverage.