Media: Chatter

"We've made decisions that led to the watering-down of the Starbucks experience and what some might call the commoditisation of our brand." - Starbucks' chairman, Howard Schultz, on the perils of world domination.

"If CRR is changed, it has to be replaced by something that our clients are happy with, otherwise it stays as it is. If you talk to clients, you find out their concern is that it's replaced by something effective." - Sir Martin Sorrell, WPP's chief executive, on ITV

"If you are down the pub tonight, you want to be talking about 24 and what Jack's doing tonight, not talking about a repeat you have watched from three months ago." - Jeremy Darroch, the finance director of BSkyB, speaking after Virgin Media's deal to buy the rights to the first three series of Lost, which it will show from August.