Media: Chatter

"Never wrestle with a pig. You both get dirty, but the pig likes it." - Advice contained in a new "bloggers code of conduct" issued by the Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales. Wales and his co-author, Tim O'Reilly, want to address the issue of abuse on the web

"I've seen people in Asda in their dressing gowns in the cafeteria with their 99p breakfasts. It's an extension of their home and they feel comfortable. I don't think many people go to Waitrose in their dressing gowns." - Rick Bendel, the marketing director of Asda, on the supermarket's appeal

"They don't talk to us. We talk and there is no communication. No exchange of views. No debate. They never ask any questions." - Vincent Bollore, the largest Aegis shareholder, on relationships with the company's board. He intends to press on in his bid for board representation.