Media: Chatter

"The scale of display advertising is bigger than we thought. DoubleClick has done a good job building that. That was a change of view." - Eric Schmidt, Google's chief executive, on its acquisition DoubleClick. Google had previously written off online display ads as "annoying" for consumers

"We'll put the resolutions to another vote, as we are bound to do. However, we hope Groupe Bollore will come to respect the views of the other shareholders on the right corporate governance for Aegis." - The Aegis chairman, Colin Sharman, continues to oppose Vincent Bollore's bid for board representation

"The legacy of SMG is that it had a flawed strategy that was badly executed. It led to a whole host of problems for the company, including the very heavy debt burden. Now we want to draw a line under that." - Rob Woodward, the chief executive of SMG, pulls no punches in laying into the previous regime.