Media: Chatter

"This move catapults the Publicis network into the premier league of the digital world." - Richard Pinder, the chief operating officer at Publicis, modestly announces the launch of a global digital ad agency network called Publicis Modem

"Unless we receive some assistance, we may be faced with a stark choice: either reduce our public-service output or see finances continue to deteriorate." - Luke Johnson, the Channel 4 chairman, on its annual report, which also revealed its chief executive, Andy Duncan, is expected to earn £1 million this year

"My real intention is to try to get a meeting, not to impress them with my charm - if I have any - but to impress them with the intentions and feelings of my adult children." - Rupert Murdoch resorts to using his kids to woo the owners of The Wall Street Journal, as he attempts to purchase the title.