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"We've been rolling around in our own sauce for years and thinking about nothing else. We are soaked in it." - Martin Stiksel, a co-founder of, conjures up an attractive image to explain the success of the site, which was sold last week to CBS for £142 million

"I am not proud of the Big Brother row - I am not even proud of Big Brother. But Big Brother accounts for 15 per cent of the total revenue that keeps Channel 4 afloat." - Lord Puttnam, the deputy chairman of C4, on Big Brother's contribution to the broadcaster's coffers

"Some see children in replica kit as walking billboards for alcohol. This is to end. Drinks companies are taking the lead, even though this may lessen their appeal as sponsors." - David Poley, the chief executive of the Portman Group, on moves to drop alcohol brands from replica football kits sold to children.