Media: Chatter

"They had a chance to buy a competitor, but it hasn't come off. Now they should sell the FT at a time when the paper is doing well." - Lorna Tilbian, the Numis analyst, calls on Pearson to sell the FT in light of News Corporation's bid for The Wall Street Journal

"Consolidation led by private groups is the way forward for commercial radio. Plcs need to work to short-term agendas. With private companies, consolidation is easier." - Richard Huntingford, the outgoing group chief executive of Chrysalis, after it sold its radio division to a private equity company for £170 million

"It's very important the organisation doesn't lose its confidence and we carry on questioning, being quirky, making programmes that stir it up. If we fail, you wonder what Channel 4 is for." - Luke Johnson, the Channel 4 chairman, says that the broadcaster will hold its nerve following recent controversy.