Media: Chatter

"It's like a lot of holistic treatments. There isn't scientific evidence, but a lot of people get benefit from it." - Mark Gillies, from the Body Detox Clinic, after the Advertising Standards Authority banned its press ad for making claims about the benefits of colonic irrigation

"The numbers stack up. It doesn't cost a lot of money to run and if you're an advertiser and want to reach this demographic, they don't watch much TV so this is the way to reach them." - Joanna Shields, the president, international, at Bebo on the social networking site's qualities

"We can't just print a newspaper and put it on a truck anymore. We do that, and we'll do it for years ... meanwhile, we have to grow other ways of attracting people's attention." - Les Hinton, the executive chairman of News International, on the future for newspapers.