Media: Chatter

"If I just obsessed about our performance versus the Mirror ... it's a bit like beating up a cripple. I mean, what's the bloody point?" - Mike Anderson, the managing director of News Group Newspapers, on The Sun's tabloid battle with its Mirror rival

"When I left the BBC eight years ago, there were 200 too many people, then Greg (Dyke) comes along and puts them all on staff. Putting so many people on staff was stupid." - Will Wyatt, the former chief executive of BBC Broadcast, blames the BBC's recent job cuts on its former director-general, Greg Dyke

"Historically, five was at its best when it was irreverent and cheeky. I think the one 'F' that has got lost somewhere along the line is fun. We need to get back to some of that." - Jay Hunt, five's new director of programmes, outlines her plans for the channel.