Media: Chatter

"If you are a young girl and you want to know about fashion, you are going to buy a fashion title rather than a weekly because weeklies don't have the authority." - Lorraine Candy, Elle's editor-in-chief, on surviving Grazia's launch

"I was in a room with 13 men. When you consider that out of 8.5 million readers, half are women, you could see why the News of the World is seen as laddish and chauvinistic." - Colin Myler, the editor of the News of the World, on the launch of its new women's magazine Fabulous

- "It does frankly tend to be a bit pretentious, with everyone gathering in the Swiss Alps, thinking they can solve the world's problems. They can't - but it is still a valuable debating shop." - WPP's Sir Martin Sorrell on the impending World Economic Forum in Davos.