Media: Chatter

"We can't, in this climate, expect all these new shows to pull in big audiences. But they are bringing in eyeballs valuable to advertisers." - Simon Shaps, the director of television at ITV, defends the broadcaster's schedule changes

"There's more to men than masturbation. With a lot of men's magazines, you might as well say 'I haven't got a girlfriend'. Esquire is for people who have a sex life and don't have to use a magazine for sex." - Esquire's editor, Jeremy Langmead, on the appeal of his magazine

"A lot of content is coming off Sky and on to us. We had blank weekends for two weekends in January because of the FA Cup. Next year, that situation completely reverses." - Mark O'Meara, the chief operating officer of Setanta, on its battle with Sky Sports.