Media: Chatter

"We did it too quickly and I think we all acknowledge that now ... We did it too fast and we suffered." - The Sunday Times editor, John Witherow, on the decision to increase its cover price to £2 almost two years ago

"It's not an easy downturn to understand and I'd say, immodestly, that the FT has done a great job of helping us interpret this: the credit crunch, commodity prices, the oil price." - Marjorie Scardino, the chief executive of Pearson, after a 21 per cent rise in the Financial Times' profits

"I am not inflexible. I'm not in denial or immune to the pressure on old media. But I have seen some people feel very strongly indeed about it. The offer is genuine." - Andy Burnham, the culture secretary, says that he will weigh up the arguments for product placement during a consultation period.