Media: Chatter

"Even at our new price, we still cost less than half the price of a cappuccino in a high-street coffee chain." - The Independent's editor, Roger Alton, attempts to persuade readers that even following its 20p price hike to £1, the title continues to provide value for money.

"I'd like it to be the Richard Curtis of the market, in that it's optimistic and it's about people doing their best and having interesting lives. While not banal, it's sunny in its outlook." - Sarah Sands, the editor of the Reader's Digest, on relaunching the magazine

"I cancelled my TV licence three months ago. I've had enough. I thought, 'You know where I am, come and find me.' They sell it now as, 'We know where you live!' I find it offensive." - Mr Blobby's creator Noel Edmonds reacts with fury to the "bullying" tone of the BBC's licence fee ad campaign.