Media: Chatter

"Is the partnership meaningful? What the BBC genuinely mean as a warm embrace can feel like a bear-hug." - The Ofcom deputy chairman, Philip Graf, raises concerns over the possibility of partnerships between the BBC and other public service broadcasters

"The Pavlovian reaction is to cut but the industry can learn from Rupert Murdoch. You'll see him investing in editorial when others are throwing the baby out with the bath water." - WPP's Sir Martin Sorrell urges media companies to invest through the downturn

- "We were acutely aware of doing something different. By the end, to be walking through radio advertising or whatever and be openly called 'the weirdos', it was just unpleasant." - Katie Grand, the editor and founder of Bauer's POP, on leaving the magazine to edit a new style title for Conde Nast.