Media: Chatter

"At least we have our own home, which is more than The Independent can now say for itself." - The City AM managing director, Lawson Muncaster, hits back at The Independent for running a diary piece he claims "took undue pleasure" in reporting City AM's recent enforced office move

"People are going to realise paying £2 for a coffee doesn't seem such a good idea after all. Paying £8 to £10 for a burger also seems less justifiable." - The McDonald's UK president, Steve Easterbrook, predicts tough times ahead for more expensive rivals as McDonald's "saver menu" ad campaign proves a success

"I used to love the industry. But all those ads about listening banks, the credit card as your flexible friend? Let the admen hang their heads even lower than the bankers." - Fay Weldon, the novelist and former ad creative, hits out at the industry's lack of responsibility.