Media: Chatter

"I'm Perplexed and Bewildered of Long Acre. C4 have said they are not interested in engagement and I just find that surprising." - Five's chair and chief executive, Dawn Airey, continues to push for a merger with Channel 4

"Seeing a TV series where everybody is smart is a reminder of how good we do look in a suit. The power of what a suit can do for you. Smarter, healthier, younger." - The Esquire editor, Jeremy Langmead, predicts Mad Men will lead to a resurgence in suit wearing

"An overly restrictive approach will prevent broadcasters accessing important revenue sources, depriving them of the means necessary to ensure diversity." - Viviane Reding, the European commissioner for society and media, calls on the culture secretary, Andy Burnham, to allow product placement on UK TV.