Media: Chatter

"Who needs to see Ringo Starr telling us about name changes? You seem to think you can squander our money how you want to." - An Aviva shareholder criticises the money spent on ads announcing its name change from Norwich Union

"Ed Richards at Ofcom - he earns over £400,000 a year. If you took the top 30 salaries at Ofcom, you could provide the whole of Cheltenham with free broadband access." - David Cameron on plans to 'name and shame' media figures picking up sizeable public-sector salaries

"What we've tried to do is take our market-mix modelling and our market ROI analysis and figure out how to spend a little less money and get a lot more delivery." - The Procter & Gamble chairman, AG Lafley, outlines plans to get even greater value from its media after it cut $440 million from its global marketing spend in the first quarter.