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"Don't get me wrong, he is a very clever guy but very stubborn when it comes to negotiations." - Scott Taunton, the chief executive of the talkSPORT owner, UTV Radio, on why UTV left the industry body RadioCentre and his relationship with Ashley Tabor, the boss of Global Radio

"For UTV or any other small radio group not to align themselves with RadioCentre in the drive to digital is tantamount to commercial suicide." - Ashley Tabor hits back at Scott Taunton and UTV's opposition to analogue switch-off by 2015

"I think you'll continue to see us in areas such as live music, new music, in-depth analysis, pushing us away from radio that's simply about playlists at every twist and turn." - Tim Davie, the director of audio and music at the BBC, claims that its radio services will become more distinctive.