MEDIA CHOICE: Campaign reporter Jeremy White salivates over an Agent Provocateur pull-out in Maxim

'Agent Provocateur has cunningly linked up with the men's magazine

Maxim to produce a diverting 24-page pull-out, Les Lingerie Dangereuses,

in this month's edition.

'Done in the style of a glossy magazine spread, scantily clad models

pose in the lingerie brand's latest creations. It had the men in the

Campaign office affecting nonchalance while flicking, at a curiously

slow pace, through the pages. The women in the office, meanwhile, looked

at it conspiratorially to see what would suit whom.

'A simple proposition but very effective and it beats the usual cheesy


Client Agent Provocateur

Medium Pull-out in Maxim magazine

Idea origination Put together by Maxim's editor, Tom Loxley, its senior

editor, Tom Sutherland, and its art director, Damian Wilkinson, together

with Agent Provocateur

Brief Convey the wit and quality of Agent Provocateur's product with a

Maxim spin.