MEDIA CHOICE: Caroline Healy, the marketing director at SMG Out of Home, selects MSN's personalised ads in Heat magazine

"'Drinks on Caroline Healy tonight' is a rare announcement - and not one I expect to see in the pages of a weekly magazine. So it was something of a shock to see this headlined in an MSN ad in Heat.

"On looking at the ad a bit more closely, and comparing notes with a few other Heat readers in the office, I realised they'd very cleverly tailored the ad with each subscriber's name printed in the headline.

"Hugely impactful, and you can't fail to notice it - I'm certain it's the first time most readers will have seen their name in a magazine.

"More important than the novelty factor, though, is the way it makes you read the whole ad, and gets the message across that MSN's Instant Messenger is a great way to have a bit of fun in the office."

Client: MSN

Medium: Press ads in Emap titles including Heat and FHM

Media planning and buying: Tracey Stern and Christine Birchall at

Universal McCann

Creative: McCann-Erickson

Brief: Raise awareness of the launch of the MSN Instant Messenger and

turn it into a communications phenomenon on the scale of Hotmail.