MEDIA CHOICE: Francesca Newland, Campaign's news editor, picks the McDonald's poster campaign at Oxford Circus tube station

"The trip up the long escalators is alleviated by a little game

from McDonald's. Posters begin by asking 'how near are you to


The first ones show a picture of an ice-cream sundae with the caption

'Extremely cold'. The next is an ice-cream cone with the words 'Still

freezing'. It continues in this vein, highlighting a range of McDonald's

products until it gets to 'Sizzling' over a picture of a bacon roll. The

final card reads 'Exit number 5 and 7'."

Client: McDonald's

Medium: Posters at Oxford Circus tube station through Viacom Outdoor

Media planning and buying: Stewart Easterbrook and Derek Manns at


Motive Creative: Leo Burnett

Brief: Create activity to back West End restaurants everybody would see

from platform to street level.