MEDIA CHOICE: Francesca Newland, Campaign's news editor, picks Orange's epic ad during last week's Big Brother finale

"The curtain has been drawn on Big Brother 2003. The final eviction took place on Friday night and, in keeping with the rest of the series, was a bit of a non-event.

"It is perhaps for this reason that Mother's 210-second spot for Orange really shone through.

"For those viewers who were bored or indifferent to the antics of O2's mute twin brothers - whose charm, nine weeks into the programme, was definitely wearing thin - the Orange film was a spot of light relief.

"From a media planning point of view, it managed to hijack some of O2's presence, and from a creative perspective the length of the film enabled consumers to get sucked into a weird little story about the training academy without getting bored."

Client: Orange

Medium: TV ad on Channel 4

Media planning and buying: Samantha Ashton and Ivan Ali-Khan at Media

Planning Group

Creative: Mother

Brief: Take the whole Big Brother break as a way of showing a

story-based compilation of life at the Orange Training Academy