MEDIA CHOICE: Garry Lace, Grey London's chief executive, picks The Number's runners and their accompanying ice-cream van

"The campaign for The Number (or 118 118, as we should all know it by now) is one of those love-it-or-shove-it ideas that flirts with being really annoying. If you're going to use in-your-face advertising, then you might as well get right in people's faces, which is why I'm impressed by the decision to take the retro runners off the TV screen and out on to the streets. I'm more impressed by the decision to ride them round the country in an old ice-cream van, which itself is decorated with a giant version of the runners' moustaches.

"The idea of chasing an ice-cream van down the road should spark off the same nostalgic glow in the target audience as the exaggeratedly 70s outfits of the runners. So there's a certain logic to the whole extraordinary spectacle. Still, I don't envy the executive who had to answer the client's question: 'Why an ice-cream van?'"

Client: 118 118 The Number

Medium: Ice-cream van

Media planning: Juliette Hughes at Naked Communications

Outdoor buying: James Davies at Hyperspace

Creative: Naked Communications

Brief: Extend the impact of the TV campaign and engage the target

audience directly around the country