MEDIA CHOICE: Helen Weisinger, the new-business director at Delaney Lund Knox Warren, picks Givenchy's 'smelly' posters

'It sounds like a marketer's dream, a branding and sampling

opportunity right by the point of purchase.

'It is 'smelly' posters from JCDecaux. You press the button and the

poster releases its aroma. If it satisfies your schnozzle you're right

by the shops.

'First to offer us a whiff is Givenchy with the launch of 'Hot Couture'.

Clever move that - after all, who knows what Hot Couture smells like in

the bottle? More testing will be satisfying the demands of Nescafe,

Lemon Cif and Danepak - I can't wait to find out.'

Client: Parfums Givenchy

Medium: JCDecaux bus sites in Manchester using the Poparoma product

Media planner/buyer: Penny Ryman at Carat and Emily Hirshman at


Creative: Golley Slater

Brief: Back the launch of Hot Couture with a targeted outdoor campaign

to allow the consumer to sample the scent directly.