MEDIA CHOICE: Ian Darby, Campaign's media editor, picks Adidas' Gol! series of comic books

"As the fight hots up between Adidas and Nike, Adidas is underlining its official World Cup sponsor status with booklets that spoof the Roy of the Rovers-style comic strip to tell stories from past World Cups.

"The booklets are being distributed through retailers and I picked up the story of the 1962 World Cup in Chile. It tells several stories including 'The Battle of Santiago' which shows a brilliant cartoon of the Italian captain having his nose broken by a Chilean punch. The stories are lovingly created, witty and also showcase Adidas products to highlight that it is an authentic football brand. The booklet urges readers to visit the Adidas website to view the collection of commemorative footwear and accessories available so it's not just about a misty eyed trip down memory lane."