MEDIA CHOICE: Ian Darby, Campaign's media editor, picks the Environment Agency's recreation of a flooded living room in bus shelters

"Just as you thought it was safe after Sunday's earthquake, the Environment Agency hits you with a timely reminder that the heavens are about to open as the flood season arrives upon us. Special build bus shelters are rife but this one so cleverly recreates a flood-damaged living room that the impact cannot fail to escape those who see it.

il is immaculate, right down to the ruined wallpaper, soaked sofa and damp carpet. The shelters support a wider £2 million print, radio and direct mail campaign to raise awareness of flooding and to ask people to take advance precautions. Advertising features personalities including John Peel and Nick Ross but I bet it doesn't achieve the standout of the outdoor activity."

Client: Environment Agency

Medium: Adshel bus shelters

Strategic media planning: Steve Hatch and Charlie Wright at


Media planning: Jennifer Hewitt at Portland Outdoor

Media buying: Peter Whelen at Portland Outdoor

Creative strategy: Circus

Creative: Cookson Peacock

Brief: Take a personal and practical approach concentrating on the

emotional implications of a flood