MEDIA CHOICE: Jon Wilkins, a partner at Naked, chooses Virgin Cola's Comic Relief campaign

'Trundling along to the tube this week I spotted a red envelope

dangling from one of the branches of a cherry tree. The envelope's

address said: 'Money doesn't grow on trees'.

'This sparked my curiosity and pulling down the envelope I found a card

declaring: 'You have found some money - courtesy of Virgin Cola', along

with a five pound note. The note added that there were a number of

options for what I could do with the fiver - one of which was to send it

in the enclosed SAE to Comic Relief, and Virgin Cola would send another

fiver to match it.

'It's mad but inspired - branchvertising lives in NW6!'

Client: Virgin Cola

Medium: Ambient media using trees

Conceived by: Andrew Edwards, Ben Gilbey and Roberto D'Andria at Bear


Execution: Cunning Stunts

Brief: Emphasise Virgin Cola's support of Comic Relief.