MEDIA CHOICE: Jon Wilkins, a partner at Naked Communications, picks The Guardian's own ad for its Stella Rimington MI5 feature in last Saturday's issue

"There's nothing like a challenging ad to dust the cobwebs off on

the way to work in the morning. As a great fan of London Transport's

Poetry on the Underground, I was excited to see that The Guardian had

started its own version. The poem comes with a sign-off saying, 'To

enjoy this poem further, please see the loose card inside today's


"On finding the loose card and overlaying it on the poem, a coded trail

for Saturday's paper emerged. Not totally original (the Army did it

once), but the best ideas never are."

Client: Guardian Newspapers

Medium: Press ad

Media planning and buying: Tim Ballard at PHD

Creative: BMP DDB

Brief: Create awareness of The Guardian's impending publication of

Stella Rimington's MI5 revelations